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I’m delighted to share more about myself so we can get to know each other.

I am a certified Functional Medicine nutritionist.  I am also a Woman, a Goddess, an Imperfect Ever Evoloving Human, a Mother and life-long student. My private practice is based in the Los Angeles area where I’ve been guiding clients toward health for over 10 years.  Previously, I’ve worked in alternative medicine eventually creating a personalized approach focusing on marrying state-of-the-art technological advances with ancient spiritual tools.  I received my formal education from the Institute of Functional Medicine and the Dietetics program at California State University Northridge. My primary mentors have been Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Eckhart Tolle, Robert Kandell and my Higher Self, in addition to numerous others.

My own journey began as a child with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, eating disorders, debilitating depression and anxiety. I was tired of being on prescription meds for years, beginning when I was 14 years old, and I began looking for alternative solutions.  After numerous medical doctors couldn’t help me, in my early 20’s I healed myself (this is an entire topic on it’s own so please ask if you’d like to know more) which led to helping others learn to tune into their bodies and become the highest and best version of themselves.  

I’ve been through many dark nights of the soul and I know how painful it is to live in that place.  I’ve existed, barely, in chronic depression, pain, fatigue and without anyone who could help me.  I’ve lived day-to-day not sure I was going to see another.  I’ve experienced the inability to lose weight after babies despite massive calorie restriction, intermittent fasting and trying every other diet under the sun.  I’ve been the walking dead from staying in an emotionally abusive marriage and feeling hopeless.  I was completely disassociated from life, unhappy and constantly being verbally abused and triggered. I would wake up and tell myself, “Just live through today.”

After eight years in my marriage I looked at myself in the mirror and saw a zombie.  Knowing this was it, I couldn’t live another day like this, I said to myself, “You’re either going to live or die.” In that moment I thought of suicide.  I thought of my daughters.  Then I asked myself the question that changed the rest of my life, “If your daughter was in this position, what would you tell her to do?”

I embarked on a journey of Re-parenting myself, Presence Parenting my children, eliminating self imposed limitations, re-programming my subconscious beliefs, completing childhood traumas, ancestral work and more.

I am just one example that what can we conceive of, we can have. Today I am happier, healthier and more at ease than I thought was possible. I’m living a life I LOVE.  I’ve been a witness to seemingly spontaneous recovery and massive life changes with clients.  It is only our minds that limit us.

Through years of mystical experiences I’ve entered THE REMEMBERING of my true essence and spirit.  LIFE IS SO CRAZY GOOD and KEEPS GETTING BETTER.  I cry tears of gratitude daily when opportunities are gifted to me beyond what my imagination could conceive and life happens with such ease!

Thank you for taking the time to read about me.  I would love to connect with you.




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