Many are facing confusion and inability to know what or whom to trust in our changing reality.


For some, a new understanding of how humanity has been lied to and mind controlled for thousands of years can be heart shattering. As we move through our Ascension, human beings are meeting their shadow bodies over and over again in order to Alchemize with Cosmic Mother Fire Water all that cannot continue on the ascending timelines.

With the daily onslaught of toxins, mind control programs, propoganda and lies, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and fearful. It’s hard enough to manage daily stress of family and work but when you’re faced with existential potentials, you start feeling helpless and scared.

You aren’t meant to do this alone. 

Reclaim your health. Enjoy life in your body. Meet your True Self for the first time.

We are being held by our Holy Mother, Amethyst Order and Solar Rishi in a way that was never possible in the history of humanity before.

Are you ready to Re-Member? Are you committed to transcending limitations?

Eliminate the guesswork. Be guided by the Pure Source of All that Is.


You’re not alone when it comes to walking your Divine Path. I want you to know you’re supported and what you’re doing is working…and what to do next.

You are facing opportunities in every moment, down to the smallest moments while washing the dishes to the more dramatic moments while interacting in a contentious human relationship.


Imagine how you’ll feel when you Re-member the reason you chose to go on this grand adventure!

»   Know your Purpose (yes, a capital P).

»   Become a Pathcutter for your loved ones so their journeys will be made easier.

»   Take a proactive approach as Creatrix of abundance, prosperity and the life you want.

»   Be supported with compassionate witnessing, while being held in an unconditionally loving field where no-thing is unloveable.

»   Revitalize yourself from your cells to your Soul.

» Be in your Peace, Joy and Happiness.

From the moment we begin planning our lives we imagine traveling to exotic locations, playing with our kids and staying active well into our retirement years but what happens when reality turns upside down, the world has become a sci-fi story and nothing is as it used to be? Cue stress and fear, right?

I want to put your mind at ease. My role as a bridge to assist humanity through this Ascension transition time brought me many challenges. I’ve faced these oppportunities in a more conscious way during the last 18 years in order to walk my talk and truly know the Path to Re-membering. As we have all come here to truly KNOW OURSELVES, I am no different. I am only a few steps ahead of you which allows me to be your midwife as you rebirth yourself.


I am honored to be your support and guide. We will utilize every opportunity to shed light, with a compassionate heart, on your shadow, negative ego programs and subconscious fear programs using frequencies, NLP, trauma completion and other tools to dismantle everything that is inhibiting you from truly stepping into your Power and bringing into the manifest the life you’ve always wanted.