Spiritual Functional Medicine






Reclaim your radiant health and soul sparkle while addressing all levels of the seen and the unseen worlds using state-of-the-art technology paired with ancient sacred tools delivered with tons of mama love & support.


This life is happening FOR YOU.

Integrative Services

Functional Medicine

  • Lyme Literate, Klinghardt protocols
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • Angiogenesis, Autophagy, Methylation & Epigenetics
  • Increase Telomere length
  • Autonomic Response Testing

PEMF and Cold Laser

  • AmpCoil (a combination PEMF, Rife and Tesla technology)
  • Non-invasive Cold Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED)
  • CAMS (Charles Crosby technology)
  • Vogel Crystal

Psychospiritual & Spirit

  • Psychospiritual Shadow & Ego work
  • Releasing Old Programs
  • Hellinger Family Constellation
  • Ancestral and Childhood Trauma Resolution
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Removal of negative energies and entities
  • Moon Womb Wisdom


When we heal ourselves, others are healed.  When we nurture our dreams, we give birth to the dreams of humankind.  When we walk as loving aspects of the Earth Mother, we become the fertile, life-giving Mothers of the Creative Force.  When we honor our bodies, our health, and our emotional needs, we make space for our dreams to come into being.  When we speak the truth from our healed hearts, we allow life abundant to continue on our Mother Planet. – Jamie Sams

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Everyday I see people making crucial mistakes that cause their health to decline even more and cost them money and emotional strife down the road. I’ll show you how to change all that.  Grab the PDF now – it’s free!

I am a Creatress and so are you! I create a map for remarkable beings who are ready for a complete revamp of their lives to return to their luminousity and abundance.  Simply put, I guide you through renovating your body, home, heart and spirit so that you can create the life of your fantasies. Combining an innate connection to higher realms along with a background as a Functional Medicine practitioner allows me to strategically guide clients toward health and happiness.  I began studying the healing arts in 2004.  I’ve been fortunate to study with world reknowned healers, Andrew Bartzis and Dietrich Klinghardt.  I take my own medicine and it’s brought me more happiness and abundance than I knew possible.  I absolutely love helping women find their own magnificence.


Come join me in a beautiful sacred space. We’ll create a map to DETOXIFY your body, mind and spirit.

Here’s the secret:


Your body is talking.  Are you listening?

I specialize in the 5 levels of healing addressing the physical, emotional, mental, intuitive and spiritual levels.  When your body is being taken care of with the best loving care, and the your spirit is able to reach you, you can create the life you’ve always wanted.  You spend less time stressing, plotting and planning and more time living with joy, ease and grace.


The 5 Levels of Healing, developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, over 50 years ago, originated from ancient wisdom of The Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali.

When we begin to see the physical body simply as a projection of higher levels of consciousness we can see how the higher levels are affecting us and how to address them in order to create quantum level optimal health.


Physical level–anything having manifesting in dis-ease has already been occuring on the higher levels for quite some time.  When we don’t pay attention to those levels, we being manifesting physical disease as our body’s S.O.S. call to us.

Energy level–anything having to do with suppressed, repressed, disowned feelings.

Mental & Emotional level–Our emotions and subconscious beliefs.  Subconscious beliefs are imprinted from conception to around 8 years old by our parents, caretakers and societal norms.
Intuitive level–childhood traumas, attachment traumas, ancestral traumas and past life DNA skin suit traumas.

Spiritual level–each individual has their own connection with a higher power known as the source of all Consciousness.


We are biophotonic beings of light.

“This is the time of quantum medicine that surpasses all other symptom-based health and medicine to create optimal health from the infinite quantum level.”–Dietrich Klinghardt

Every time Mother Earth completes her full rotation around Grandfather Sun, 13 Full Moons pass bringing a cycle of transformation for every human being and enourmous opportunity for growth and healing.  The profound aspects of the female principle come forth with every full Grandmother Moon. Traditionally, for several days during a woman’s cycle, she would go to a sacred space where she could replenish, nourish and receive divine guidance.  Women are the most connected to spirit during their bleeding days.  These are the days for her to be taken care of and for her to retreat to her innerverse to connect to spirit through her womb.

Working with the timeless Medicine of the 13 Clan Mothers as a guiding light of Sisterhood and honoring Mother Earth applies to every generation of the past, present and future as these truths are eternal.  “We are the Mothers of Creative Soure. The fertile aspect of our nature comes through being able to nurture the truth found in our dreams and to feed our dreams, giving them life, and then to build dreams in the physical world.  After those dreams are birthed, we then are able to share the skills necessary for others to do the same.” – Jamie Sams

As women, we must honor ourselves and our true Mother Earth. These Wisewomen Spirits offer us the opportunity to develop our strengths we need to meet and overcome the challenges of being human in a world of imbalance through birthing our dreams and ourselves reaching a state of communion and union with our spirit selves and living in equal co-creation and love with all other human-beings who walk this earth.  “The fertility of our Earth Mother and All Our Relations depends on how we heal ourselves.  After we are healed, it is our task to create new maps of how to use the energy we used to waste on worry, hurt, pain, grief and conflict in order to create a unified world of peace.  We discover the essence of our true Mother’s desire for peace when the H is moved from the end of the word Earth to the front, spelling Heart.”