Kids’ Cooking Lessons


Kids’ Earth Medicine Cooking Class:
8 Class series (Ages 4-8 years)

In each class we will learn about a specific food topic. Each class includes tasting food that is the topic of discussion and food preparation. All foods included are dairy free, gluten free, soy free, and organic. Most lessons utilize exclusively plant based foods, with some lessons using pastured organic eggs. Each child will take home one food item and recipes following each class. Sweeteners utilized are raw honey, liquid stevia and blackstrap molasses.

Structure of the class: A few moments of instructions. Get to work cooking and preparing. Set the table, gather together to taste and express gratitude to the origin of our food (earth, sun, rain, farmer).

Equipment that children will be utilizing (under close supervision) include a food processor, dehydrator, Blendtec blender, immersion blender, induction cook top, kids’ knives, spiralizer.

Aprons and safety cooking gloves will be provided at each class.

1. Growing our own Earth Medicine and grow seedlings: Take home your egg carton of seeds and plant them in your own garden. Children choose four vegetables or herbs they would like to include in their home garden. We learn about compost and participate in compost. Kids plant their seeds and get to taste the various vegetables and herbs that they planted in the class.

2. Sprouting/soaking: Garbonzo beans, chia seeds, flax seeds, nuts, grains (quinoa and brown rice). Making and tasting hummus, chia pudding, nut milk.

3. Sweets and treats: raw cocao bars, raw coconut milk ice cream, sprouted seed nut bars.

4. Dehydrating: Fruit, veggies, crackers, chips. Making and tasting zucchini crackers, sweet potato chips, beet chips, dried fruits, flax crackers, sunflower seed pretzels.

5. Beneficial bacteria/probiotics/fermenting: Making and tasting coconut water kefir (varied flavors), sauerkraut, coconut milk yogurt.

6. Veggies: Blanching, steaming, sauteing, spiralizing, peeling, chopping. Making and taking zucchini pasta, sweet potato pasta, blanched and raw crudites, vegetable frittata.

7. Soups: Vegetable soups are prepared. Making and tasting vegetable stock, purees, sweet soups and savory soups will be explored.

8. Communal meal/Kids’ restaurant: Students prepare a meal with recipes from our course. They set the table and invite their parents/caretakers to gather for a meal. Students prep the food, make menus, set the table, take orders and serve food. Menu includes crudite, soup, salad, frittata, quinoa, dessert, water, tea or nut milk.

Contact Morgan to find out about classes and location.

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