The Metamorphosis


A Complete Upgrade

An online course to upgrade your life from your cells to your Soul.

  • Eight live Zoom 45 minute instruction classes with Q and A (1 per week, 8 consecutive weeks)

  • Watch-anytime recorded replays

  • A PDF reference booklet

  • One phone consult (up to 30 minutes) with Morgan ($144 value)

  • Two energetic and entity cleaning frequency spas from Mas Sajady ($60 value)

This course will help you to:


»  Clean out heavy metals and toxins, including mercury, lead, aluminum, glyphosate and more.

»  Protect your body from EMF/RF.

»  Learn easy insider secrets that only the few best Naturopathic and Medical doctors use in their practices.

»  Customize a plan that works best for you and your family.

» Clean out and protect yourself from energy parasites.

» Integrate your Shadow and fractured parts.

» Transfigure shame, blame, anxiety and fear programs.

» Be Present with yourself and your family.

»  Save time and money.



(Includes the Essential Daily Detox Course)




  • Shadow work
  • Energetic parasite daily cleansing
  • Transfigure your triggers
  • Emotional alchemy
  • Be the Creator of your Life (getting out of negative ego programs)
  • What are the only 3 reasons anyone ever gets sick (on the physical level).
  • Where and how to identify toxins that are detrimental.
  • What is the Blood Brain Barrier and why you need to know.
  • How to clean out the big offenders in your home and restock your bathroom and kitchen with health supporting products.
  • The importance of starting with a clean system before you add anything.
  • Easy ways to create a healing sanctuary in your home.
  • What are EMFs as well as why and how to mitigate the negative effects.
  • How to use different supplements and biohacking tools to enhance detoxification.
  • The most efficient ways to ensure you’re getting optimal levels of macro and micro nutrients.
  • How to address specific common concerns like gut issues and how to bypass the gut.
  • Bugs, microbes and parasites…
  • And more!


Easy to incorporate into your everyday routines
Developed by a certified Functional Medicine practitioner
Packed with practical, helpful tools and tips
Backed by a 10-day, money-back guarantee
Available on-demand from anywhere in the world