The Moon Lodge

Taking the time to support yourself by regrouping your energies so you may find the strength to carry on and CREATE from Love, with Love, in service to LOVE.

A Retreat unlike any other, combining biohacking state-of-the-art technology with ancient shamanic sacred ceremony to unlock limitations, unlock old belief systems, heal the body and reconnect with our Highest Source Potential.

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We do deep work and relax the entire time

Welcome To Restoring Balance Within  

What does retreat mean?

– The willingness to receive comes from our feminine side and comes into balance when we retreat from the world’s activities and pause for reflection and rest.

-A time of rest can give us the opportunity to increase self awareness.  We are given the chance to make goals, receive visions, rest an overactive mind, examine feelings, clear limitations or do nothing for a change.

– A time of finding splendor that is rarely available in the modern world.  This rare gift to the self is actualized by stopping all worldly activity and taking the time you need to recollect your thoughts, feelings, visions, and dreams of the future.  

Only the Best

Luminous, Luxurious, Loving

High end luxury accommodations allow for your vigilence center to feel nurtured, held and safe in order to let go of the limitations, release anything that no longer serves you, love, welcome and integrate All The Parts of You.  Return to Wholeness. Return to the vital being you came here to BE. Return to optimal health. Invite bliss and joy you may have felt glimpses of throughout, knowing you have potential to BE so much more than you currently are.

Here is where we dismantle the hologram of societal norms of mediocrity that have been fed to us since the moment we left the womb, and for many of us, while still in the womb.

Float Therapy


1000 pounds of Magnesium Sulfide

Sacred Ritual Bath


Working with the element of Water, Minerals and Crystal, Plant Medicine and herbs.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Angiogenesis, Telomere therapy


Advanced Upledger Craniosacral, painless Rolfing, and body work.


Intra-oral work, brain and neural manipulation, balanced craniosacral pulse

Hypnogogic Lucia Light


Full spectrum light

Organic Alive Sustenance


Photon rich food, catering to all dietary needs


Pulsed Electrical Magnetic Frequency

Intra-oral work, brain and neural manipulation, balanced craniosacral pulse

Movement and Mother Earth


Hikes, walks, yoga, breathwork, movement

Magnificent Accomodations


Meditation, quiet the mind, go Within


What Women are Saying

“This is exactly what we need!”

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“I didn’t have to think the entire time.”

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About two and a half years ago I was still struggling to release the last 10 pounds of baby weight.  My youngest daughter was five years old at the time.  In today's culture, where we receive messages about "lose the baby weight in three months" like many celebrities...

You Have Glyphosate In Your Body, Even if You Eat Only Organic

This stuff is terrible, awful, very bad, no good and no matter what you do (unless you live underground or in a completely remote area without internet--well, then you wouldn't be reading this) than you already have it circulating in your system...simply because you...

The 7 Factors That Lead to All Chronic Illness

Two of my brilliant teachers, Louisa Williams and Dietrich Klinghardt, created a system I use with my clients called Autonomic Response Testing (ART).  It is an advanced form of Kinesiology, unlike what you have ever seen, that enables us to speak to deeper levels of...

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