Two of my brilliant teachers, Louisa Williams and Dietrich Klinghardt, created a system I use with my clients called Autonomic Response Testing (ART).  It is an advanced form of Kinesiology, unlike what you have ever seen, that enables us to speak to deeper levels of the body and subconscious than normal muscle testing.  Using ART, we have been able to determine and narrow down the leading causes of chronic illness into 7 categories.  Some of these factors are easy to detect, while others are more covert.

The 7 factors are:

  1.  Toxins:
    • Heavy metals from amalgam (silver) fillings, arsenic, lead, mercury from vaccinations, aluminum from vaccinations and chemtrails.
    • Chemicals (glyphosate (Roundup), paint, fire retardants on clothes and furniture, pesticides, hairspray, makeup, perfume, cosmetics and more).
    • Xenobiotics (medication can remain in the body for years).
    • Solvents
    • Biotoxins and micotoxins from microorganisms and parasites.
  2. Nutrient Deficiencies/biochemical imbalances:
    • Methylation issues
    • Mitochondrial issues
    • Neurotransmitter issues
    • Krypto Pyrolluria (KPU)
    • Mineral deficiencies
    • Oxydative stress
    • Poor gut health
  3. Structural Problems:
    • Temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD) (jaw/bite)
    • Malocclusion
    • Bridge crossing the midline
    • Vertebral or cranial subluxation
    • Fallen arches in the feet
  4. Energetic Disturbances:
    • Scars creating interference fields
    • Ganglia
    • Congested acupuncture meridians and points
    • Tonsil focal infections
  5. Food Intolerances
  6. Geopathic Stress, Ley lines, electromagnetic smog
  7. Unresolved psycho-emotional or spiritual conflict/trauma:
    • Childhood traumas
    • Ancestral traumas
    • Past life issues
    • Subconscious belief systems
    • Trapped emotions
    • Family Systemic issues

It is not always essential to address all of these.  Often, ameliorating higher psychological issues will abate lower level physical issues.  The first step is to begin by talking to the body and the higher self with ART and allow it to direct us to the highest and best path to wellness.