I have decided to embark on a journey: for one year I will ask myself, “What would someone who loves themselves do?”

I will ask myself this question whether I am trying to decide on consuming a bowl of soup or a bowl ice cream, when considering splurging on a trip to visit my sister and even when deep in thought about taking a new job opportunity. Light or heavy, I will propose this idea to myself.

Once this question is contemplated, the most incredible thing happens, a solution immediately comes to mind. It is amazing! Try it! We intuitively know that this is the right course of action, although, at times, it can be challenging to follow. I am choosing to trust this process and follow, with full belief that it will benefit me tremendously, even if only in hindsight.  There are times that I may be the recipient of an answer that is more difficult to act on, however, I know that this path will lead me to my best path.

After 365 days of this act, I will have reconditioned myself to always be in alignment with acting from a place of self love.

Self love does not mean being selfish nor narcissistic nor egocentric. Acting from a place of self love results in loving others, achieving happiness, making change, confronting fears, and creating a life that we so desire.

I challenge you to set out on your own journey. If you are a caretaker, this may mean making an appointment with ____________ (enter your choice of healing modality: acupuncturist, therapist, waxing esthetician, babysitter). If you are a people-pleaser the answer that comes could be setting boundaries and saying “no.” Side note: my therapist once told me that if, when setting a boundary, people get upset, you are doing it correctly. If you are a pensive or do-it-all-yourself type of person the answer may come as a message to stop what you are doing and get to bed early.

Being kind to ourselves leads to our own bliss. When we are in a state of bliss, we act kind to one another. Self love also allows us to be more authentically ourselves.  When we stop judging ourselves and instead allow ourselves, unapologetically, to take action that is in our best good, we connect with others candidly, removing fear of being judged nor judging others.

We all need more of this!