Parenting is a One-Way Street
I was recently speaking with a client about his relationship with his six and eight year old daughters. He was venting about how frustrated he is as he gives his daughters love, attention, patience, food, clothes, toys and everything else while they do not reciprocate. He said, "There's got to be some give back. It's like the feminine...constantly taking and I have to support, give everything and take care of everything." I told him that parenting is a one-way relationship. It is not in alignment for children to give back to their parents in the same way we give to them. They give to us ... Read More
Our Children Are Our Biggest Source for Triggers
Every parent knows that moment we feel triggered by our child's behavior.  We find ourselves making the same faces and gestures our parents made when we did something "unacceptable."  We might want to scream at them, send them away to their room, hit them and really teach them a lesson. Children only act out because of trauma they've experienced or because they are experiencing big emotions inside of their little bodies and they need our help to feel them. This is their shadow arising wanting to be validated, seen, heard.  The minute we bring our light of unconditional presenc... Read More
Essential Daily Wellness Practices
When I first began repairing my body from the years of damage and prescription medication I took as a teenager through my early twenties, I was overwhelmed by what I was learning about health and l and wanted to start incorporating them all into my life--- like as of yesterday. Although, because of budgetary reasons and in order to retain my sanity, I couldn't make all of the changes that day so I made a list and committed to adding a new change once per month. It is easy to adopt these essential daily wellness practices into our lives at a slow pace as long as we have patience.  Try out... Read More
Who Needs to Detoxify, Why and How?
I was recently interviewed about detoxification for an excerpt in a book and it reminded me that although the word "detox" is passed around on a daily basis, most do not have true understanding of this topic. -How do you know if you need to detox? Everyone needs to actively detoxify every day.  Some people will need more deep detoxification.  Common signs of more serious need for detoxification include amalgam fillings in their teeth, root canals, intestinal imbalances, mood imbalances, depression, anxiety, join pain, autoimmune disfunction, brain fog, fatigue, chronic disease, ALS, MS... Read More
Clearing Complexion Remedies
I used to have really bad breakouts on my face.  I was always covering them up with makeup and staring into the mirror wondering why the Proactiv or Neutrogena or latest and greatest acne product was not working.   Every time I left the house or saw people without coverup I felt consumed with anxiety and insecurity as well as frustration.  Well, to be completely transparent--this is gross-- I was constantly popping pimples.  I did do some damage and I have some residual acne scars to remind me the old days.  Now I have clear even skin.  I rarely get a pimple.  Sometimes I get one aroun... Read More
What is the Best Water to Drink?
Determining which water is the best water can be incredibly confusing.  Our bodies are composed of more than 50% water, making the water we take in one of our most important determining factors of health. Carbonated water is very acidic therefore it causes our bodies to leach minerals from our bones in order to help maintain a slightly more alkaline balance. We often see teeth decay, osteoporosis, and weak bones with people who consume carbonated water consistently. Plastic bottles may sit in delivery trucks in high heat temperatures for days or more. In addition to BPA, there are several o... Read More
Raw Vegan Coconut Chocolate Peppermint Patties GF, Nut Free
These are great for kids, those on the ketogenic diet or low carb (you may want to reduce the honey and increase the swap it with more monk fruit, stevia or sweetener of your choice), SCD and GAPS peeps too! Coconut Chocolate Peppermint Patties: makes twelve-ish Filling: 1/3 cup dried coconut chunks/shreds 1/3 cup coconut butter (buy it or make your own!) 1-2 tablespoons melted coconut oil 1 Tb raw honey 1-1.5 tsp WeLuvYa Sweet Sweetener or another sweetener of your liking--stevia, birch tree xylitol ( 1 tsp peppermint oil P... Read More
Self Care is Not Selfish. Choose to Play Everyday!
Where do we draw that fine line between being selfish and taking self care seriously? If I do not self care everyone kids, my relationships, my body, my psyche. At the same time, it feels self indulgent and egocentric to place my own needs high on the totem pole. My kids suffer if I am running on fumes because I am not patient with them. I have no space for listening to their feelings, nor ability to be present with them due to the fact that my feelings runneth over. My relationships suffer because I hide and disconnect, I misinterpret communications, I overreact, my insecurit... Read More
How You Eat Tells All
Weight loss that is truly going to get you the results that you want, sustained, easy and effortless starts with kindness, curiosity and compassion. What ever belief system you think you subscribe to, how you eat and what you choose to eat tells all. Wanting to know something leads to the acknowledgement that there is something you want to change and something you do not currently know. In this frame of mind, there is openness. Inquiry fueled by love. Body based inquiry. Noticing sensation. Noticing beliefs, becoming curious about where it stems from. If your body does not look or fee... Read More
Fertility Health Program: Understanding your Body's Communication
In the mainstream medical arena, a problem is identified and then a solution based on getting around that problem is implemented. Essentially, this approach is applying a band-aid. When it comes to fertility, in truth, if a woman or man is having difficulty conceiving it is their body communicating that there is an imbalance. Pumping in tons of hormones and extracting eggs is not the answer for a few reasons: 1. If a mother's body is unable to become pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy until the baby is full term, that is an indication that the baby would not be healthy either. By forc... Read More
Which Diet is Right for My Body?
There are a few universal truths that almost anyone with a basic level of health knowledge will agree upon: 1. Organic is best. 2. Vegetables are healthy. 3. Our food today contains less valuable nutrition than it did 100 years ago, 50 years ago, even 30 years ago. Outside of these facts, people cannot agree on much else. There are a myriad of different diet dogmas to which we can subscribe. The trouble comes when deciding what is right for you. In truth, although we all have the same body parts, every body is vastly different. The one size fits all approach is not going to cut it if y... Read More
365 Days of Radical Self Love
I have decided to embark on a journey: for one year I will ask myself, "What would someone who loves themselves do?" I will ask myself this question whether I am trying to decide on consuming a bowl of soup or a bowl ice cream, when considering splurging on a trip to visit my sister and even when deep in thought about taking a new job opportunity. Light or heavy, I will propose this idea to myself. Once this question is contemplated, the most incredible thing happens, a solution immediately comes to mind. It is amazing! Try it! We intuitively know that this is the right course of action,... Read More
Easy to Hide Superfoods
These are not the same "it" superfoods that you have already heard about on the latest Dr. Oz show.  It seems as though every few months there is a new trendy superfood highlighted in the media. Acai, pomegranate, kale, juicing... While I agree that we are discovering many new beneficial properties offered by nature, the foods that are in the spotlight rarely can cause dramatic effects other than offering additional antioxidants.  However, while adding in antioxidants can be helpful, it is pertinent that we empty our bodies from the toxic and harmful substances first in order for the benefit... Read More
Borax for Hormones, Beauty and Libido
Suffering from arthritis and osteoporosis may send a person looking for answers to the doctor however, many are finding a remedy to their ailments in an unexpected place: the laundry detergent isle. Although commonly known as a laundry detergent and household cleaner, Borax (sodium borate) is a form of the mineral boron sourced from dried salt lakes and has been proven to have no contamination, making it identical to pharmaceutical grade boric acid. Less toxic than table salt, the efficacy of Borax has been minimized while it is very likely that the majority of people are severely deficient. B... Read More
Goodbye Grey
I am deep in the throes of a 30 year old "mid-life crisis" although, of course, I am well aware that with diligent attention to my health I hope to live and thrive well past 60 years of age.  While working proactively to quell any physical signs of aging before they begin to haunt me, I embarked on "Project Vanity" and  I found an interesting solution for the omnipresent greying hair.  All hail molasses.  Molasses is rich in calcium, copper, magnesium, selenium, potassium, vitamin B6, manganese, and iron.  This I knew, however, I did not know that copper seems to be the key factor in help... Read More
Hidden Ingredient Found in Almond Milk Linked to Gut Inflammation
When I started searching for alternative options to drinking raw cow milk (too expensive at almost $9 for half of a gallon!) I wanted to find something that my family would both enjoy drinking as well as a source from which they would receive calcium and other important nutrients.  Almond milk fit the bill and, at the same time, reduced our weekly food bill, even when purchasing raw, organic almonds. Keep in mind that "raw" almonds from Trader Joe's and other stores are in truth pasteurized.  Some stores and farmer's markets have found a loophole and therefore they are able to sell truly raw... Read More