My office is located in Agoura Hills, California, just north of Los Angeles.  I also provide consultations in your home for an additional fee.

Skype & Zoom

Both Skype and Zoom are video platforms.  I will send you a personalized Zoom link prior to our appointment.

Free 45 Minute Phone Consult

Please contact me below to set up a free 45 minute phone consultation so that we can find out if we’re a match and learn more about packages I offer.

Functional Medicine

  • Lyme Literate, Klinghardt protocols
  • Nutrition & Supplements
  • Heavy Metal Detoxification
  • Angiogenesis, Autophagy, Methylation & Epigenetics
  • Increase Telomere length

PEMF and Cold Laser

  • AmpCoil (a combination PEMF, Rife and Tesla influenced technology)
  • Non-invasive Cold Laser Energetic Detoxification (LED)
  • CAMS (Charles Crosby technology)
  • Vogel Crystal

Psychospiritual & Spirit Ceremony

  • Re-parenting Ourselves
  • Change Old Limiting Programs
  • Childhood Trauma Completion
  • Sacred Ceremonies
  • Removal of negative energies and entities
  • Mystical Womb Wisdom

becoming the Creatress

Private 3-month one-on-one program for Women.  We will dive into the transcendent levels of healing in your life including:

Physical: Clean out your diet, pantry and supplements, cosmetics, heavy metals and toxin detoxification.  We will improve your metabolism, balance your hormones and support your gut and digestion.

Emotional: Expand your capacity for Presence and EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Learn how to uncover root causes and make friends with your fear.  Re-parent yourself and learn techniques that help with current and/or future children.

Mental: Uncover your self-limiting beliefs and CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  

Energy: Expose your ancestral programs that are keeping you stuck. Build your manifestation techniques to become a Master Manifester.

Spirit: Grasp luminous sacred everyday practices to embody the majestic divinity within and your connection with The Great Mystery that is your birthright.


Healing Depression & Anxiety

An 8 week program comprised of:

  • 1 weekly group live Zoom call (this lessson will be recoreded for later viewing if you cannot make it to the live call)
  • 1:1 individual 45 minute call weekly
  • We will cover:
    1. Supplements (especially those imperative for healing from depression and anxiety), dietary adjustments, lifestyle changes, choosing healthier cosmetics, choosing healthier cleaning products, cleaning out your kitchen and bathroom, creating a Sleep Sanctuary and sleep hygiene.
    2. Detoxifying from Glyphosate, Aluminum nano-particles, Mercury, Lead and other heavy metals and toxins that lead to Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Depression, Anxiety, and other neurodegenerative dis-ease.
    3. Learn to have Emotional Presence and Re-parenting yourself.  Address attachment styles and create secure attachment as an adult.
    4. Mental subconscious limiting programs that were developed from the age of conception to 7 years old. The experiences we have survived become the experiences our continued survival depends upon. Learn why you’re attracting certain people and circumstances and how to change it.
    5. Ancestral Family Soul SOLs (Suffering Obligations of Love) that we allow to limit us out of our need to belong and honor our ancestors. Change the programs while still honoring those who came before you.
    6. Clearing negative energies and entities from your home, yourself and your family.
    7. Create Daily Spirit Hygiene practices (non-denominational) to connect more with your intuition, your Higher Self and Great Mystery of Creation.

Creating a Spiritual Sanctuary

In this Full Day Home Visit I will walk you through each of the following steps, teaching you how to becoming the Shaman of your inner Sacred Space, your home and setting up your Spiritual Hygiene practice.

  • Space Clearing and making your home a Sacred Space
  • Protecting the four corners of every bedroom
  • Protecting the four corners of each bed
  • Shamantic Recipe for Advanding One’s Consciousness
  • Sacred Ceremony with the Fire Shaman
  • Create a Sleep Sanctuary
  • Create a practice for Living the Mystical Life Daily

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