Functional Medicine + Spirit Medicine

The first step in Functional Medicine requires that we become a detective investigating for the root cause of whatever is ailing you.  What’s ailing you on the physical level is simply a symptom of something deeper.  

Unlike the mainstream Western medical approach, in Functional Medicine we don’t want to put a bandaid on the symptom and call it a day.  Instead, we investigate the 5 Levels of Healing (see below) in order to find the root source of the symptom.  And from there we create deep healing.

It is your birthright to reclaim your radiant health and soul sparkle.  In order to do so we are required to address all levels of the seen and the unseen worlds.  

The tools I use to support you in this process invove using state-of-the-art technology paired with ancient sacred tools delivered with tons of mama love & support.

This life is happening FOR YOU.

Spirit Medicine is ever present.  It is the unseen pregnant voidspace of infinite possibilities.  In quantum physics, we call it The Field or The Morphogenetic Field.  It is all around us at all times offering us the Medicine we need for growth, change, and creating adjustments to our lives.  Spirit offers us a team of support unfortunately we rarely call for.  When we tap into Spirit Medicine changes are made on the quantum level effecting all time and space, past, present and future.  Time is not linear as it seems to us in human form.  When we take Spirit Medicine with gratitude and love, we make change in light speed with ease and grace.  In this space our hearts swell with love and we begin to live our lives from Heart Spaced Awareness in Union and Communion and in creation of a new world.  The time is now and the power is You.

The 5 Levels of Healing were developed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, over 50 years ago, and originated from ancient wisdom of The Yoga SÅ«tras of Patañjali.

When we begin to see the physical body simply as a projection of higher levels of consciousness we can see how the higher levels are affecting us and how to address them in order to create quantum level optimal health.

Physical level–anything having manifesting in dis-ease has already been occuring on the higher levels for quite some time.  When we don’t pay attention to those levels, we being manifesting physical disease as our body’s S.O.S. call to us.

Energy level–anything having to do with suppressed, repressed, disowned feelings. What we resist persists.  We cannot complete anything we resist confronting.  Here we use emotional presence work to learn what we never learned as children, how to feel our feelings.

Mental & Emotional level–Our emotions and subconscious beliefs.  Subconscious beliefs are imprinted from conception to around 8 years old by our parents, caretakers and societal norms. Shedding light on these beliefs that often run the show behind the scenes enables us to begin the process of change.

Intuitive level–childhood traumas, attachment traumas, ancestral traumas and past life DNA skin suit traumas. When we look at life from this level, what we begin to thouroughly understand is the experiences we learn to survive become the experiences upon which our continued surviving will depend. Change work on this level affects ourselves, our future generations as well as our past generations. Systemic or Family Constellation work of Bert Hellinger is also imperative in order to restore any Disturbed Order of Love in the entire Family Soul.

Spiritual level–each individual has their own connection with a higher power known as The Source of all Consciousness, Creator, The Great Mystery or The Field.

We are biophotonic beings of light. “This is the time of quantum medicine that surpasses all other symptom-based health and medicine to create optimal health from the infinite quantum level.”–Dietrich Klinghardt