Raise the Bar

Bridging Innovative Wellness and Hospitality

No one wants to be good when they can be great.


With wellness tourism projected to go from $639 billion (2018) to $919 billion by 2022, in order to be great it’s imperative that you stay on the pulse of the Wellbeing Evolution.

The success of a property will be defined by their ability to raise the bar, offering guests life altering experiences and next level wellness.  

With a plethora of choices, savvy consumers are looking for true innovation, choosing to spend their time and money on deeply transformative and regenerative experiences which add to their quality of life. 

You can be an aspirational leader in the market, changing lives every day.

Ready to raise the bar?

Step 1

Book a session for an evaluation.

Step 2

I’ll give you a plan.

Step 3

implement the plan.

Eliminate the guesswork.


You’re not alone when it comes to wanting to offer your guests and employees an experience that leaves them telling everyone they know about you.


Imagine how you’ll feel when your guests return raving about how you’ve changed their lives!

»   Be inspired by Nature, and backed by Science.

»   Contribute to improving the Earth.

»   Inspire guests to make massive life changes.

»   Revitalize your guests from their cells to their Souls.

As consumers are prioritizing wellness and health in their lives, they are looking for brands that support and even enhance their efforts. What happens when you’re not a leader in the wellbeing market? Cue stress and fear, right?

I want to put your mind at ease. After 16 years practicing Functional Medicine and Biohacking research, I’ve created an easy, streamlined approach to creating spaces that are healing on every level from the cells to the Soul.

Efficient and Elegant

You’ll save time and money with this streamlined approach.

Profound Results

With Science based adjustments you’ll dramatically improve the health and happiness of employees and guests.

Simple Guarantee

Schedule a free exploratory session to find out if we’re a match.

Areas of focus

Designed with you and your guests in mind.

My step-by-step support makes integrating innovative changes easy.


Spaces that Heal

Electromagnetic and Radio Frequency




Functional Medicine



Biological Architecture

Energy and Frequency

Supplements, tonics and Medicinal foods