In the mainstream medical arena, a problem is identified and then a solution based on getting around that problem is implemented. Essentially, this approach is applying a band-aid. When it comes to fertility, in truth, if a woman or man is having difficulty conceiving it is their body communicating that there is an imbalance. Pumping in tons of hormones and extracting eggs is not the answer for a few reasons:

1. If a mother’s body is unable to become pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy until the baby is full term, that is an indication that the baby would not be healthy either. By forcing the body to become pregnant under less than optimal circumstances, the baby’s health may become compromised…and this may not be apparent until the baby is a child or an adult.

2. Every one of my clients and friends who have had experiences with IVF and other fertility treatments (both male and female) admit that these treatments are hugely detrimental to the psyche of both partners and the woman’s body…this does not end after conception. Women and men agree that the relationship is dramatically taxed after undergoing treatments, often couples go through several rounds. And years later, women still experience physical side effects that range from weight problems, imbalance in hormones, sex drive and psychological effects, to name a few. Unfortunately, there may be more long term side effects of which we are currently unaware.

The best approach to any dis-function in the body is to investigate the source of the problem and work to ameliorate it by communicating with the body. Our bodies are crazy amazing machines! We need to trust what they are telling us.

What does the body need? Every body is different. A one-size-fits-all approach will not work. It may have to do with getting toxic substances out or more nutrients in. In any case, the mamas and papas should know that fixing the dis-ease prior to conceiving is outrageously easier than trying to heal a child once they have come into being with a ton of junk. If not for yourself, do the hard work for your precious little child who deserves to start their life with their cup full…of health.

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