Emotional Parenting

Every single parent faces challenges as their child matures.  This is to be expected as the parent-child relationship gives rise to the most expansive experience in this reality.  What makes it easier is applying the tools of Mindfulness to our parenting at the earliest point in the child’s life as possible.

Mindfulness Parenting is an amalgam of progressive tools based on the latest research and metaphysics including:  interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory, and trauma remediation.  As a result, Mindfulness Parenting cultivates unconditional presence, combined with resolution orientated processes and a connection based method for parents to raise healthy, happy and secure children.

The mind informs the body, as the body informs the mind.  Unlike any other parenting methods available, Mindfulness Parenting brings together modalities of emotional intelligence conceived by world renowned experts along with Functional Medical approaches to inform the physical body, bringing out the innate health that exists inside of each and every one of us and our children.

You might be reading this thinking, “Wait just a minute! I don’t need to know about trauma.   My child hasn’t experienced any trauma.”  Well, that’s not as true as you might think.  We have all experienced trauma.  Trauma can be caused by an event as seemingly benign as weening from the breast, separating from parents to go to school, parents leaving the child for travel, shaming the child about their weight, sending the child to timeout or having a medical procedure. Trauma doesn’t always look like sexual abuse, physical abuse or neglect. Most well intentioned parents are completely unaware of the kind of experiences resulting in a perceived traumatic experience within their child’s sensitive system.

Don’t start to freak out or blame yourself if you see your actions in some of the acts I’m describing.  Literally every person on this earth has and probably will experience at least a couple of these events, even if they do have conscious aware parents.  Parenting is a practice.  There is no perfect parent.  This is why you’re here!  We have lots of tools for remediating these traumas and wounds.  Social and communal help in this area is the key to sane parenting.

The symptoms of trauma range from very apparent–bullying, hitting children, ADHD, tantrums, food allergies, autoimmune dis-eases, poor self esteem, anxious attachment– to very covert– conflict avoidant, avoidant attachment, lacking preferences, difficulty making decisions, poor eye contact, lack of appropriate crying from physical injuries, depression, cancer, MS and more.

The insane part of this entire predicament is that parents receive little-to-no education around how to meet the emotional needs of intimacy, attunement, commitment and predictability to raise a secure, healthy, blissful adult.