This stuff is terrible, awful, very bad, no good and no matter what you do (unless you live underground or in a completely remote area without internet–well, then you wouldn’t be reading this) than you already have it circulating in your system…simply because you breathe.

It’s called Glyphosate or Roundup and it’s made by Monsanto.  It’s the most popular pesticide used today.

“Glyphosate binds (chelates) vital nutrients such as iron, manganese, zinc, and boron in the soil, preventing plants from taking them up. This could also have implications for humans and animals that eat GM glyphosate-tolerant crops, as it could affect nutrient value,” writes the Detox Project non profit organization.

Glyphosate is sprayed on non organic produce and 80% of organic produce has also been found to contain this nasty anti-nutrient.  Cows’ urine has been found to contain toxic levels as well. Glyphosate has been linked to gut issues, nutrient deficiencies, turning male frogs into female frogs and more.

Personally, I eat 100% organic and foods prepared by someone other than me about 10% of the time and I still found my body testing for high levels of Glyphosate.  So if we cannot totally avoid it than we need to be proactive about chelating it from our bodies.

My two favorite tools for chelating this pesticide are:

  1. Biome Medic by Purium: this supplement contains Humic and Fulvic Acid as well as Mega-spore probiotic (my favorite!)
  2. Auto-Urine homeopathic remedy: Creating a homeopathic remedy from your own urine is not as gross as it sounds.  After making the remedy, there is no actual urine remaining.  It creates an energetic imprint of whatever is going on in your body so it is perfectly customized to any imbalances or toxin chelation that your body is dealing with.  And it creates a strong detoxification effect.  If you go this route make sure you are taking some binders like chlorella or Zeolite from Biopure. Like any homeopathic, it should be wrapped in tin foil as it is energetically sensitive.

Don’t be scared.  Do be informed and take action to take care of yourself, your children, our beautiful Mother Earth and humanity.