Frequently Asked Questions

What physical ailments do you address?

I have worked with clients who are struggling with a variety of chronic dis-ease including Lupus, psoriasis, IBS, Crohn’s disease, depression, anxiety, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, hormonal imbalances, heavy metal detoxification and more.

How soon will I get results? What results can I expect?

The time it takes to see results depends on a few factors and differs for each person.  It all depends on your desire and your willingness to dive in.  Clients have experienced raising their vibration, exploded happiness, weight loss, overall wellness, meeting a partner, expansive self love, feeling supported, more abundance, increased monetary success.

What can I expect to do in each session?

We begin by obtaining a detailed history of your life.  We examine your unconscious beliefs, early relationships, and why you are holding onto any physical ailments.  I will guide you through an Emotional Bootcamp and Shadow Work.  We will talk to your body and find out if you are holding onto ancestral traumas and childhood traumas.  We will use various tools to bring your light back to WHOLENESS including supplements, laser treatments, spectro-chrome therapy, and shamanic exercises.

Do you work with children?

Yes and…often times working with the children requires working with the parents as well.  

How will working on my health change my life?

Our physical bodies are simply a projection of our energy and higher level bodies.  We start with the health of your physical body and work our way up to your energy body, emotional body and into your intuitive body health.  When we begin by cleaning out and balancing your physical body, we give rise to more clear communication with you higher levels of healing.

What Clients are Are Saying

“My stomach ache went away immediately after our session.  I cannot beleive it!  I was suffering for weeks after returning from my travel to Thailand.  I have been sleeping better than ever in my life. Thank you so much!”


“Morgan works with tools that I’ve never seen before.  At first I didn’t beleive anything was happening and then I felt the detoxification effect as soon as I left her office.  Within 25 hours my mind was clearer than it’s been in years. “


“I wish I had found Morgan sooner! She helped me find parts of myself I never knew existed.  And the result has been happiness I did not know was possible. I am so grateful for her!”