When I first began repairing my body from the years of damage and prescription medication I took as a teenager through my early twenties, I was overwhelmed by what I was learning about health and l and wanted to start incorporating them all into my life— like as of yesterday. Although, because of budgetary reasons and in order to retain my sanity, I couldn’t make all of the changes that day so I made a list and committed to adding a new change once per month.

It is easy to adopt these essential daily wellness practices into our lives at a slow pace as long as we have patience.  Try out some of these small changes and when you look back in a year from now you’ll be proud of both your commitment and how much better your body is functioning:


1. Daily detoxification is needed by everyone who lives on the earth…yes, everyone! This requires a daily binder like Chlorella, Zeolite, Clay or Charcoal.


2. Wash your hands when you first walk in the door of your house. You touch a lot of chemicals, bacteria, viruses and parasites while grocery shopping, putting gas in your car, handling money and shaking hands with other people.

3. Wash your fruit and vegetables with a natural vegetable wash that is 50% water and 50% organic raw Apple Cider Vinegar. Bugs, animal feces and pollution from the air all accumulate on our produce.

4. Put your bare feet on the earth for 10 minutes or more per day. The earth’s magnetic field is very healing and we would die without it (see research on NASA astronauts). Touching the earth reduces cortisol, balances circadian rhythms and regulates other crucial body processes.

5. Go to bed before midnight (preferably by 10pm). Our circadian rhythm regulates hormones, immune function, thyroid function, aging and pretty much everything else. When we go to bed hours after the sun has set, we are majorly altering our natural rhythms that are aligned with the sun setting and rising.

6. Turn off your wifi when you go to sleep. Wireless technology frequencies are perceived by our pineal gland similarly to light. This down regulates natural melatonin production impairing sleep. Melatonin is a more potent antioxidant than Vitamin C and Vitamin E. In addition, when viruses, parasites and bacteria are exposed to wifi, they excrete 6000% more toxins. At night when we sleep our bodies go into overdrive detoxifying, healing and repairing. When wifi is strong, this impairs our body’s ability to function optimally and produce desperately needed healing benefits.

7. Keep your phone at least 6 feet away from your bed at night. Electromagnetic smog is dangerous (reference your cell phone instruction manual for more information directly from the government Federal Communications Commission and phone companies.)  

Dr. Devra Davis was part of the Clinton administration and headed the Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation branch of the government and she sorely regrets that they passed a law at that time that does not allow anyone to stop the installation of a Cell Phone tower based on health reasons. She did not believe at that time that there were any biological effects from such small signals such as from Cell phones. She began studying this to prove that there were not any health issues related to cell phones and digital signals and found the exact opposite was true.  She is now a champion of the efforts to educate doctors and health officials of the dangers of these small signals.

8. Our bodies are constantly communicating with us. Every dis-ease that occurs on the physical level has roots in the emotional and spiritual levels. When we heal on the spiritual and emotional levels, the physical dis-ease will clear too.