Weight loss that is truly going to get you the results that you want, sustained, easy and effortless starts with kindness, curiosity and compassion.

What ever belief system you think you subscribe to, how you eat and what you choose to eat tells all.

Wanting to know something leads to the acknowledgement that there is something you want to change and something you do not currently know. In this frame of mind, there is openness. Inquiry fueled by love. Body based inquiry. Noticing sensation. Noticing beliefs, becoming curious about where it stems from.

If your body does not look or feel optimal, this is simply a communication. Many people start to hate their bodies. They have a visceral anger towards their bodies as if their body is doing something to them–causing them to be undesirable or unloveable, creating such discomfort that they cannot live their life the way they want. When, in truth, they are just not listening to their body’s communication. It is actually very loving, that your body would go to great lengths to tell you that there is something that needs to change so that you can be achieve optimal health. You gotta love your body for telling you. You gotta change your perspective. You have to open your heart to your body with gratitude and open your mind to try something new, make a change.

For most, change is not easy. Mostly because we are scared. What if you make change and still fail? What if you change and succeed? What if you actually get everything you desire? Could you handle having everything with nothing to complain about? Our society perpetuates a fear based model. It perpetuates that we are never enough. What if you get to a place where you are enough and you no longer have to buy into that model? Would that totally rock your world? Would you be able to have ALL that? Do you believe in your deepest heart and soul connection that you are deserving of that level of happiness?

We are taught from a young age that nothing comes easily and everything in life necessitates hard work, nothing for free…well, maybe that isn’t true. Could you flip your world upside down, heal your body and create the life you want?

When you operate from curiosity and openness without judgement, you align yourself with all that you desire–beauty, love, happiness.