These are not the same “it” superfoods that you have already heard about on the latest Dr. Oz show.  It seems as though every few months there is a new trendy superfood highlighted in the media. Acai, pomegranate, kale, juicing… While I agree that we are discovering many new beneficial properties offered by nature, the foods that are in the spotlight rarely can cause dramatic effects other than offering additional antioxidants.  However, while adding in antioxidants can be helpful, it is pertinent that we empty our bodies from the toxic and harmful substances first in order for the benefits to make a difference.

Think about it.  You need drain the dirty, overflowing bathtub water before you add the clean water.  If you don’t, it will make no difference when you add the clean water because it will soon mix with the dirty water and you are back where you started.

The following foods can be hidden in other foods and easily incorporated into your diet or health program while helping to eliminate your “dirty water” (heavy metals, toxins, gut healing):

Collagen/gelatin: Upon catching a cold, many of us have been told by a grandmother (ours or one belonging to someone else) to eat some chicken soup, known as “Jewish penicillin” to some and referred to as bone broth in the foodie world.  And she was right!  Weston A. Price became a pioneering proponent of gelatinous bone broth in the medical world when he traveled the world learning about health from vital indigenous peoples.  Collagen is pulled out from the animal bones when making a traditional, slow cooking bone broth.  Collagen contains gelatin which contributes to healing a leaky or damaged gut, where the majority of our immune system resides.  Rich in minerals and essential amino acids (amino acids that the body cannot make), there is no condition that this catch-all remedy will not aid.  Making and consuming soup is great however, sometimes impractical.  On a daily basis it can be simple to add some collagen powder to your smoothie, tea or coffee (I prefer the Upgraded Collagen brand because it is tasteless).  For kids, use it to make gummy bears or marshmallows (the Great Lakes grass fed red gelatin works well).  Additionally, your kids will not know if you add it to their pudding, ice cream, or even oatmeal.

Cilantro: While the very existence of Chemtrails has long been denied, government officials have begun disclosing the truth about their use of aluminum nano particles as a key player in a strategy to reducing global warming.  Albeit, there is much dissension on the exact purpose of these chemtrails as well as their composition (others theorize additional ulterior motives by government figures).   I am not going to dive into this contentious discussion with my personal opinions today.  However, I do implore that everyone make an effort to excrete aluminum from their bodies on a daily basis.  How do I do that, you may be wondering.  Cilantro is an excellent chelator of aluminum.  Make cilantro tea, include cilantro in your soups and food or rub cilantro tincture on the inside veinous areas of your wrists and ankles (easy to do with kids before bed time).  Make sure you have a metal binder on board in your gut when chelating any metals.  Good binders include chlorella, chia seed meal (see below), zeolite (make sure it does not contain aluminum), clay or charcoal.

Chia seeds: Okay, I do admit that chia seeds may have been featured on Dr. Oz.  However, the benefit that I am most interested was not discussed.  Although Oz highlighted the omega-3 fatty acid  content, substantial calcium and fiber, I have a strong interest in the seed’s ability to act as chelator, removing heavy metals and toxins that are present.  Soaking the raw chia meal overnight in water will cause it to become gelatinous.  This helps with digestion as well as binding capabilities.  Use chia meal in anything raw: smoothies, puddings, truffles, raw “cheesecake,” ice cream, popsicles…the options are endless.  A pinterest “chia” search is bound to fill your head with many delightful avenues to fool your family into consuming this superfood, unbeknownst to them!

A full healing program may be necessary for those suffering with dis-ease, although, whether a person is healthy or not functioning optimally they will benefit from including these every day superfoods in their diet.