There are a few universal truths that almost anyone with a basic level of health knowledge will agree upon:

1. Organic is best.
2. Vegetables are healthy.
3. Our food today contains less valuable nutrition than it did 100 years ago, 50 years ago, even 30 years ago.

Outside of these facts, people cannot agree on much else. There are a myriad of different diet dogmas to which we can subscribe. The trouble comes when deciding what is right for you. In truth, although we all have the same body parts, every body is vastly different. The one size fits all approach is not going to cut it if you want to achieve your optimal level of health. What works for your friend or wife or parent, may be hugely detrimental to you. I have experienced this first hand when I experimented with a high fat, crazy low carb Paleo diet that threw off my menstrual cycle, my hair began to fall out and I suffered with weight gain. Some of finding what is right for your body does necessitate trial and error experimentation.

It is confusing trying to figure out who to believe and what to follow. There are bits and pieces of each plan that will probably be beneficial as well as some rules that may result in a negative outcome to your well being.

Some diets are fads supported by big pharma and political agenda while some are steeped in tradition originating hundreds of years ago, that purport to be “the best” option. It can be daunting trying to figure out to which diet you should subscribe and how to go about actually executing the specifics of the plan you choose. In my nutrition practice, I find that a personalized combination yields results that are in alignment with each person’s functioning at their highest and best.

The easiest way to go about this is through assessing food allergies, Ayurvedic Constitution, Five Element Constitution, gut health and physical manifestations/ailments, in addition to eating foods that elevate your vibration. Whew! That is a lot to consider! Take it one step at a time and enlist in some help if you get overwhelmed. This may translate to more or less carbs, animal fats or vegan fats, more sweets or more savory flavors.

I believe the following:

*If you have gut issues, avoid sugar in all forms (including fruit). Yes, I mean NO SUGAR…EVER, until your gut is healed.
*90% of immune function relies on our gut integrity, as well as a most of our neurotransmitter production. Therefore, if you have any physical or mental ailment, you need to work on your gut.
*Food in season and locally sourced is best, whenever possible.
*Know your ayurvedic dosha. Pay attention to spices that are beneficial to you.
*We all need some supplementation of nutrients (including children). Medicine that comes from the earth (herbs and plants) are the best source. Let food be thy medicine.
*A Raw foods diet is the best option (this may include some raw dairy), although there is a caveat: only eat a raw food diet if your gut is healthy and working with optimal functionality.
*Some vegetables should be cooked to be more easily digested and assimilated.
*Quantum physics has proven to us that our subconscious beliefs manifest our reality. This means that if you are sick there always must be an emotional or spiritual connection to that dis-ease. This can often be the most difficult part of the puzzle. However, if you tackle this piece everything else on the physical level will melt away effortlessly. If you choose to come at the problem from purely a physical approach, it may require significantly more time to heal.
*Epigenetics (literally defined as “above the genes”) have a huge impact on our level of health. This translates to your environmental factors: cleaning products in your house, EMF/RF, cosmetics, water, bugs/parasites/viruses, cooking utensils and more.
*HEAL YOUR GUT…I think I already emphasized this one.
*Some animal products that are pastured, free range, treated with love and care are beneficial for some. When we are functioning at 100%, a more plant based diet is in alignment with our highest well being.
*Soy is never an ideal option with the exception of small amounts of organic miso.
*Sprout and soak your nuts, seeds and grains.
*Gluten is not good for anyone.

Across the board, for everyone, consuming foods that are made from scratch in your kitchen, relatively closely to when they are consumed is going to make a vast difference. Simply put, the processing that takes place in factories is always going to decrease the living force energy and vibration of foods, even if you use the exact same ingredients that the factory uses.

At the end of the day, when you are taking in the proper diet FOR YOU, you will be at your best. Keep in mind, this specialized approach may be more difficult initially, although, when sticking to a diet and lifestyle that is in alignment with your physical and spiritual elements, your ultimate health will come to fruition with more ease and speed. Yes! That is what we all desire, easy and effortless healing!

If you need some guidance on this path, contact me to set up a consultation.

Taking in foods that are in your highest and best good is self love. Love yourself and have a wonderful day!