We spend years obtaining education and certifications to become a practicing lawyer, accountant or therapist albeit we are not required to know A SINGLE THING about children’s psychology, health and the way we shape them (or potentially how we harm them) before giving birth.

Conscious Conception and pre-conception is about awareness.  Almost all parents in today’s world become parents with very little knowledge.  The minimal information they possess stems from their own childhood, their parents and the cultural norms.

Conscious conception covers physical, mental and emotional levels (seriously, this is the stuff you didn’t even know was important) including:

    • Connecting from the heart with your baby from day one.
    • Learning about your own triggers and blocks to being your best self with your child.
    • Fostering secure attachment and setting the stage for your child to have healthy relationships as an adult.
    • Reprograming the bugs from your own childhood (childhood wounds, trauma and limiting subconscious beliefs).
    • Providing the best health while pregnant for your baby.
    • Biohacking secrets that will serve as a huge jump start for your baby to get ahead in optimal health and life success.


Parents are the most impactful potential change in the world.  Trauma experienced by immature nervous systems in the throes of development worldwide are akin to the damage we are creating with global warming, deforestation and over-consumption on the earth.  Investing in cultivating physically and emotionally healthy children from conception is the best way to create a humanity where people are healthy and happy.


The epigenetic factors in a baby’s life, will mold the child’s physical health, mental wellbeing, self esteem and perceived security.  These epigenetic factors, forming the child’s subconscious mind, will inform the life they manifest in their future life.