Epigenetics, meaning “above the genes,” refers to the factors affecting our gene expression and our resulting well being.  Our physical environment is part of our epigenetics in addition to our exposure to toxins, the food we put into our bodies, as well as our emotions.


Our bodies are similar to a bathtub.  When we’re taking a bath, most of us would prefer SPARKLING clean water (or maybe with some beautiful essential oils if we’re really luxuriant).  I’ve never met anyone who wants to get into a bath filled with muddy, sewage waste water.  However, that is exactly what most of us are doing on a daily basis with our bodies.  We’re mucking them up with gross waste and then wondering why they’re not working and we feel terrible.


If we are constantly filling the bathtub with dirty contaminated water, we’ll never have clean water to bathe ourselves.  If we stop putting dirty water in and instead use clean water, we’ll still have the remaining dirty water, so the clean water won’t make much difference.  

The best and most rewarding part is when you start to FEEL the difference and see the difference in your family. When you get the real life feedback after making changes you’ll get the message YOU’RE DOING IT RIGHT!