Determining which water is the best water can be incredibly confusing.  Our bodies are composed of more than 50% water, making the water we take in one of our most important determining factors of health.

Carbonated water is very acidic therefore it causes our bodies to leach minerals from our bones in order to help maintain a slightly more alkaline balance. We often see teeth decay, osteoporosis, and weak bones with people who consume carbonated water consistently.

Plastic bottles may sit in delivery trucks in high heat temperatures for days or more. In addition to BPA, there are several other endocrine disrupting hormones in plastics, BPS being one. Endocrine disruptors can lead to thyroid disorders, infertility, weight gain, hormone imbalances, to name just a few deleterious side effects.

Natural spring water from areas without added toxicity such as fluoride, chlorine, ground waste from farms and animal factories is the ideal source of water for our optimal health. Water found in clean underground springs will naturally be full of minerals from deep in the earth’s core.

Reverse Osmosis is the cleanest water and has the lowest count of microbes and toxins. However, it is also extremely acidic because minerals are removed along with toxins in the Reverse Osmosis filtration process. Again, with acidic water we will find our bones leaching minerals.

The top three best choices for healthy water are:
1. Reverse Osmosis remineralized with liquid mineral solution or oxygenated to create alkaline water.
2.  Clean spring water in glass containers.
3. If those two options are not available, the third choice is spring water in plastic bottles.